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  • Mtwapa

    House No. 1215

  • Millview

    Millview Apartments

  • Ganjoni

    House No. 1129

  • Bamburi

    House No. 175

  • Bamburi

    House No. 122

  • Millview

    MillView Apartments

  • Simba Estate

    House No. 23

  • freemark

    House No. 1323

  • Gatecha building

    House no. 183

  • Moi avenue

    House No. 1297

  • Freere Town

    House No. 483

  • Utange

    House No. 1348

  • Bamburi

    House No. 122

  • Bamburi

    House No. 175

  • Ganjoni

    House No. 1129

  • Mkomani

    House No. 729

  • Simba Estate

    House No. 23

  • Sunset Paradise

    Sunset Paradise Apartment

Listed Properties

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1. Category: For Sale
For Sale Kikambala
  • Location: Kikambala
  • Code: PLOT NO 1
  • Type: Plot
  • Price Range: 1,000,001 - 10,000,000
  • Status: Published

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2. Category: To Let
To Let Mtwapa
  • Location: Mtwapa
  • Code: HSE NO 753
  • Type: 2 Bedroom Apartment
  • Price Range: 15,001 - 20,000
  • Status: Published

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Idime Enterprises Limited is a privately owned company operating in Kenya currently employing over twenty (20) people to deliver real estates and property management services in Mombasa city at the Coast of Kenya.

The company has over twenty years experience in the sales, letting and management of residential and commercial properties within the area.


In 1989 company directors, Mr. Herbert M. Mwachala and his wife Mrs. Elizabeth Ikala Mwachala, pioneers of Idime Enterprises Ltd, started a real estate firm in Mombasa, Kenya and named it Kisauni Real Estate Agent and six months later they renamed it Idime Enterprises. The firm then located at Pan African Building, Mombasa Island comprised of only two members of staff. Now, the company’s staff has grown to more than twenty and has penetrated the property market within the Coast region and the Kenya at large. On 15th May, 1996 the firm was incorporated under the Companies Act under the Laws of Kenya as Idime Enterprises Ltd.

Over the years our clients have enjoyed excellent real estate services from us ranging from sales & acquisition, managing, and letting. This is because we value quality services rendered to our clients and which includes our key values such as knowledge, integrity, time and dynamic. Our mode of employment encircles these key values that have assisted us become who we are now.

Our goal is to create a long lasting relationship with our clients and the stakeholders.

Our Vision

To become the most preferred real estate agent firm of choice worldwide by offering excellent world-class professional real estate services.

Our Mission

To provide professional real estate agency services through letting, sales, acquisitions and management in the most efficient, affordable and reliable way to satisfy our society’s needs in
Kenya and throughout the world.

Our Core Values


Our Services 

Property Management
Real estate sales agency
Real estate consultancy
Commission agency

Our Contacts 

+254 041-2226523

+254 041-2221859

Fax: (+254)041-2221859

Head Office Location 

Mombasa Trade Centre(Formerly Ambalal House),

Phase 1, 3rd Floor,

Nkurumah road,

Mombasa, Kenya